About Us

As a group Climate Action Frodsham focusses on activities to draw the community together, believing that everyone should feel empowered to participate in the climate movement - irrespective of age, gender, race or income. Some example projects include car-free ways to enjoy our local area or renting out or apple press to local community groups

Ultimately we’re about creating a healthy, just and environmentally focussed community, one that meets our needs for social connection, secure livelihoods and fun. We also organise and participate in a number of local events, such as The Great Big Green Week.

If you're interested in climate action and would like to help us with then please get in touch, or consider donating to our fundraising page.

Our History

Climate Action Frodsham emerged in 2020 from a group of active citizens and activists who had been working for years under the name Frodsham Transition Initiative. We changed our group's name to better reflect who we are today, and how we desire to respond to the climate emergency.

We are linked with the wider UK national Transition Network, a international charitable organisation working towards a low-carbon, socially just future with resilient communities, more active participation in society, and caring culture focused on supporting one another other. 

Transition is also closely linked with the Permaculture Association and the Incredible Edible Network.

A part of Frodsham Transition Initiative...

The purpose of Frodsham Transition Initiative (FTI) was to help the community of Frodsham transition to a more sustainable way of life and to become happier and more resilient in the face of global uncertainties.

Frodsham Transition Initiative intends to be a community-led process that helps Frodsham become stronger and happier. FTI involves a community action programme to transition to a more sustainable lifestyle for the benefit of both present and future generations.