Bus Out, Walk Home

Bus Out, Walk Home

A lot of us walk for pleasure but may want a change from the familiar walks around Frodsham. We may want to explore a new area but are limited by the range we can walk from home. Instead of giving in to the temptation to drive out to the forest or hill why not use public transport. This may feel a little edgy, not being in control, worrying about getting to the bus stop in time for the journey home.
How about trying Bus Out Walk Home (BOWH)? This will double the range you can explore and you can come home in your own time. Each page contains the document you can download at the bottom.
We hope you enjoy your BOWH and will try some more. We are very grateful to Kathleen Povall and our own Chris Cleaver who have devised the BOWHs.
​We would be happy to receive compliments, or otherwise on frodshamtransition@gmail.com

BOWH 1 Delamere

BOWH 2 Below Sandstone Edge

BOWH 3 Helsby Marshes

BOWH 4 Sutton Fields