Let's Talk Sustainable Transport! 

Virtual bus stops for an iTravel future.

At the CAF public meeting - Let’s Talk Sustainable Transport - on Saturday 24th February 2024 we talked about the carbon efficient forms of transport, but the most interesting discussion was on the iTravel flexible bus service that serves the rural area south of Frodsham.

Councillor Mike Garvey presented information from CWAC on how the three year pilot scheme funded by the Government Rural Mobility Fund was working. The current rate of use at 3 journeys per hour and 60% grouping is reasonable for this stage of development but growth is necessary for a long term future. The meeting reported limitation by the restricted number of bus stops. Mike explained that new virtual bus stops could be nominated and included on the booking system. The meeting was strongly in support of the scheme and suggestions were made for iTravel promotion at Frodsham events and for publicity for the nomination of new virtual bus stops.

Mark Warren of North Cheshire Rail Users Group talked of their past work to reinstate the Halton curve and current work to encourage rail service improvements.

Thank you to Andrew Basden who has produced the timetable below for the Halton curve.

Councillor Lucy Sumner presented the work of the Frodsham Town Council  Active Travel working party in partnership with Cycle North Cheshire. They have proposals to encourage active travel by 1. Making crossings and junctions safer. 2. Improving signing and information. 3.Micromobility rentals, 4. Bike maintenance course.