Local Groups Working Together

Are you interested in Climate Action and part of a local community group? Here is an opportunity for you to be part of the climate solution.

We're invite local clubs, societies and groups of any sort, to consider what they are already doing to reduce their impact on the planet. Every day, more people want to learn about lifestyle changes which will help to slow the rate of climate change.

As individuals we often feel powerless in the face of such a huge problem, but by working together we can encourage one another to make effective changes that make a real difference.

Each and every group, including those focussed on leisure activities, work, education or as a faith group, has the potential for becoming a group that is also actively helping to lessen the climate and ecological crisis.

We invite you to get in touch and tell us what your group already does to help the planet. If you would like some help in thinking about this, you might find our page on 9 things you can do about the climate emergency particularly helpful.

We've also drawn up a list of questions that might help you think more specifically about what your group could do:

  1. What could you do to introduce or reinforce the idea of `climate responsibility` to members?

  2. Are there any changes to your meeting/activity that would lessen your impact on the planet? Eg encouraging members to take public transport, car-share or cycle to meetings, providing options to join online, or serving plant-based food and drink options for refreshments.

  3. How might you encourage one another to make lasting lifestyle changes at home? Eg using a carbon footprint calculator like Giki

Alternatively, if you would like to meet up with one or two CAF members to discuss ideas for your group, in person or via email - please get in touch via email - info@climateactionfrodsham.com

We'll be featuring the steps that some local community groups are taking in coming newsletters and online in the next few months.

If you'd like a copy of our invitation to work together, to share within your community group, please feel free to download the document below. Alternatively, feel free to direct your members to this website.

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